Vampiric regeneration is a weapon property which allows the wielder of the weapon to gain health based upon the amount of damage done to the enemy by the weapon. The number of hit points (HP) restored is limited to the amount of physical damage done and the rating of the vampiric regeneration property.

For example, suppose a character has a weapon with the property vampiric regeneration +3.

  • Upon successfully dealing 1 point of damage, the character will gain only 1 HP.
  • Upon successfully dealing 3 points of damage, the character will gain 3 HP.
  • Upon successfully dealing 5 points of damage, the character will still only gain 3 HP.


  • Vampiric regeneration does not add bonus damage.
  • Vampiric regeneration has 50% trigger chance.
  • A character with full hit points will not benefit from vampiric regeneration, but vampiric regeneration messages will still be received.
  • Vampiric regeneration works against any race/appearance type (including undead).