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This player character build (rogue 29/ fighter 4/ weapon master 7) is primarily a rogue that frequently inflicts critical hits. It is not intended for low-level play, but may be viable once all weapon master levels are obtained (character level 13). Allocation of skills can be customized greatly to adapt to the particular module, and in general the build is intended to be flexible.

Getting started Edit

Race: human

Abilities: (final scores in parentheses)

(13 strength, dexterity, and intelligence are feat prerequisites)
(15 dexterity is required for ambidexterity at level 15)
(23 dexterity is required for improved whirlwind attack at level 30)

Alignment: any

Level progression Edit

Classes by character level

Ability increases

  • All ability increases are in dexterity.

General feats by character level

Rogue bonus feats by character level (rogue level in parentheses)

Fighter bonus feats by character level (fighter level in parentheses)

The rest of this build has not been provided.

Notes Edit

  • Interspersing rogue levels among the weapon master levels may improve the viability of this build at low levels.
  • If the race is changed to something other than human, either weapon finesse or the first weapon master level must be delayed.