Ruin armor is an on-hit: cast spell item property created to emulate a bebilith's inclination to undress its victims. If the victim fails a discipline skill check, its armor or shield is unequipped or destroyed, depending on a module setting. Armor is chosen in preference to the shield, although comments in the script suggest the choice was supposed to be random when both were available. (The "random" condition chosen was whether or not the roll of a d4 is less than 5.) The DC of the skill check is

base attack bonus + strength modifier + 8 - armor class of the item

with both the attack bonus and strength referring to the creature with this ability. (For the standard bebilith, this DC is 29 minus the item's armor class value, including bonuses.)

Because of the way the item is unequipped, any quickslots for that item will be cleared.

Custom content notes Edit

  • script: x2_s3_ruinarmor
  • The setting that controls whether the item is destroyed or unequipped is the switch MODULE_SWITCH_ENABLE_BEBILITH_RUIN_ARMOR, which corresponds to the local variable X2_SWITCH_BEBILITH_HARDCORE_RUIN_ARMOR. Turning this switch on causes the item to be destroyed.
  • This ability is intended to be used on a creature weapon and will have no effect if not cast from an item (although it does not have to be a creature weapon specifically).
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