Search is used to detect traps, find hidden objects, and secret doors.

  • Check: Detecting a trap is an opposed test, pitting the character's search check against a difficulty class equal to the set trap skill check, plus the strength of the trap. Only rogues may detect traps with a DC greater than 35.
  • Use: Search is part of the detect modal action. In passive detect mode, checks are made automatically every round. Active detect mode is a modal action that reduces the character's normal movement rate and performs an active search, as well as spot and listen checks.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • When a trap is set by a player character, the setter's set trap skill (only) is added to the base detection DC, as listed in the notes for the set trap article. The setter does not get a die roll when determining the DC.
  • When a trap is placed by a module builder, the builder is free to arbitrarily set the detection DC.
  • Search checks are made every round, not continuously. A running character might enter a trap before being given a chance to detect it.
  • Search checks involve a die roll. Standing still allows a character to make additional search checks in the same area, possibly revealing a trap that had been missed by earlier rolls.
  • The search skill is also used to detect hidden trap doors or hidden wall doors in some dungeons.
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