Set Trap

This skill allows a character to place trap kits.

  • Requires Training: Yes
  • Check: When a trap kit is used, the character makes a skill check. The DC of the task is determined by the power of the trap.
  • Spectacular Failure: If a skill check is failed by 10 or more, the trap goes off in the attempt to set it off. This can only occur if you are in combat when trying to set the trap.
  • Special: Wearing armor may incur a penalty to the roll. Having 5 or more ranks in Disable Trap grants a +2 synergy bonus on Set Trap checks. Any party members will be able to see traps that the character has set.
  • Use: Use a trap kit from your inventory. An icon visible to you and your party will appear on the ground to represent the trap.


  • A Spectacular Failure will not set off the trap, even in combat, if the character setting the trap has the Skill Mastery Feat.
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