This article is about the standard summoned creature; for the shadowdancer version, see Shadow lord (shadowdancer).
Undead shfiend

Dark and dangerous creatures from the dreaded lower planes, shadow lords never hunger or thirst, attacking only to satisfy their desire to do evil.


Race: undead
Alignment: chaotic evil
Armor class: 22
Hit points: 65
Attack bonus: +8
Damage: 1d8+5 / 1d8+5 / 2d6+5 (creature weapons)

Hit dice (level): 10
Challenge rating: 10

  fortitude 3
reflex 7
will 9

Size: medium

  strength 16
dexterity 18
constitution 10
intelligence 16
wisdom 14
charisma 12
Damage immunity
  cold 100%
  electrical 100%
  fire 100%

Trained skills:(‡) hide (14), listen (12), spot (12)
Feats: cleave, darkvision, improved critical (creature), power attack, weapon proficiency (creature), weapon specialization (creature)

Blueprint:(‡) nw_s_shadlord

Special abilities Edit

A shadow lord has the usual undead immunities to critical hits, death magic, disease, level drain, ability drain, mind-affecting spells, paralysis, poison, and sneak attacks.

A shadow lord can cast darkness once per day at caster level 10.

Notes Edit

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