Shayan's Subrace Engine is a Neverwinter Nights system that allows designers the ability to grant players custom polymorphic subraces.


  • Multiple base races per subrace
  • changes in appearances, day/night/permanent/by tool
  • ECL xp adjustments
  • Favored Classes
  • Subrace Abilitiy Items
  • player hide and claws
  • restrictions by class, gender, race
  • damage from day/night/environment
  • skin, hair, wing tail defaults
  • custom racial starting points
  • optional NWNX/letoscript support
  • optional CEP 2.2 support
  • many changes may be specified as day and night changes, gender, or level based

Light sensitiveEdit

Subraces can be flagged as light sensitive. Members of these subraces must pass a fortitude saving throw or be blinded for a round when in sunlight. The DC, interval between saves, and duration of the blindness are configurable. As an option, light sensitive subraces can additionally be given penalties to attack rolls and saving throws for a configurable duration. While these parameters can be configured, they apply to all light-sensitive subraces; different values cannot be configured for individual subraces.

Underground sensitiveEdit

Subraces can be flagged as underground sensitive, which is similar to light sensitive, but the negative effects are caused by being in an underground area, rather than by being exposed to sunlight. Note that this is not a true opposite of light sensitivity, as it is not the lack of sunlight that triggers this, but being underground. (In particular, being above ground at night will not cause any ill effects.)

Subraces Edit

In addition to allowing the designer to create new races, SSE has many sample subraces to demonstrate its features.

Scripting Edit

SSE provides its users with a large library of functions, constants and data structures.

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