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Description: (PRESTIGE CLASS) A shifter has no form they call their own. Instead, they clothe themselves in whatever shape is most expedient at the time. While others base their identities largely on their external forms, the shifter actually comes closer to their true self through all of their transformations. Of necessity, their sense of self is based not on their outward form, but on their soul, which is truly the only constant about them. It is the inner strength of that soul that enables them to take on any shape and remain themselves within.

Hit die: d8

Proficiencies: No additional proficiencies are gained.

Skill points: 4 + int modifier

Skills: animal empathy, concentration, craft armor, craft trap, craft weapon, heal, hide, listen, lore, persuade, spot

Unavailable feats: curse song, divine might, divine shield, extra music, extra turning, lingering song, quicken spell, spell focus, two-weapon fighting, weapon proficiency (exotic), weapon proficiency (martial), weapon proficiency (simple), weapon specialization
These general feats cannot be selected when taking a level of shifter.

Primary saving throw(s): fortitude, reflex

Base attack bonus: +3/4 levels



To qualify as a shifter, a character must fulfill all of the following criteria:

Alternate form: must have a natural, alternate form (like druid wild shape)

Feats: alertness

Spellcasting: level 3 druid spell or higher

Level progression

Lvl BAB Saves Feats HP range   Forms becoming available
Fort Ref Will  
1st +0 +2 +2 +0 greater wildshape I 4-8 wyrmling
2nd +1 +3 +3 +0 8-16
3rd +2 +3 +3 +1 greater wildshape II 12-24 harpy, gargoyle, minotaur
4th +3 +4 +4 +1 infinite greater wildshape I 16-32
5th +3 +4 +4 +1 greater wildshape III 20-40 basilisk, drider, manticore
6th +4 +5 +5 +2 24-48
7th +5 +5 +5 +2 humanoid shape, infinite greater wildshape II 28-56 drow warrior, lizardfolk whipmaster, kobold commando  
8th +6 +6 +6 +2 32-64
9th +6 +6 +6 +3 36-72
10th +7 +7 +7 +3 greater wildshape IV, infinite greater wildshape III  40-80 dire tiger, medusa, mindflayer

Tip: Becoming a shifter

  • Only druids can become shifters in Neverwinter Nights.
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Epic shifter

The epic shifter is a true master of shapeshifting and is able to become virtually any creature imaginable by choosing epic bonus feats.

Hit die: d8

Skill points: 4 + int modifier

Bonus feats: The epic shifter gains a bonus feat every three levels. In other words, at levels 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, and 28.

Epic bonus feats: automatic quicken spell, automatic silent spell, automatic still spell, construct shape, dragon shape, epic energy resistance, epic spell focus, epic spell penetration, great wisdom, improved combat casting, outsider shape, undead shape

Unavailable epic feats: bane of enemies, epic spell: dragon knight, epic spell: epic mage armor, epic spell: epic warding, epic spell: greater ruin, epic spell: hellball, epic spell: mummy dust, epic weapon specialization, great smiting, improved ki strike 4, improved ki strike 5, improved sneak attack, improved spell resistance, improved stunning fist, lasting inspiration, mighty rage, planar turning, terrifying rage, thundering rage
These epic general feats cannot be selected when taking a level of shifter.

Epic shifter level progression

  Lvl   Feats HP range   Forms becoming available
11th 44-88 epic harpy, epic gargoyle, epic minotaur
12th 48-96
13th bonus feat, infinite humanoid shape 52-104
14th 56-112
15th 60-120 epic basilisk, epic drider, epic manticore
16th bonus feat, infinite greater wildshape IV 64-128
17th 68-136 epic drow warrior, epic lizardfolk whipmaster, epic kobold commando  
18th 72-144
19th bonus feat 76-152
20th 80-160
21th 84-168
22th bonus feat 88-176
23th 92-184
24th 96-192
25th bonus feat 100-200
26th 104-208
27th 108-216
28th bonus feat   112-224
29th 116-232
30th 120-240

Shifter forms

When in another form, some of the benefits of the shifter's weapons, armor and other items may still apply, merging with the new form.

The below table lists the shifter shapes, which item properties merge, and which feat provides the shape.

Shape Weapon Items Armor
greater wildshape I
wyrmling (any) YY
greater wildshape II
harpy YY
gargoyle YY
greater wildshape III
basilisk  Y
manticore  Y
humanoid shape
drow warriorYYY
lizardfolk whipmaster  YYY
kobold commandoYYY
greater wildshape IV
dire tiger  Y
medusa YY
mindflayer YY
greater wildshape II (lvl 11)
epic harpy YY
epic gargoyle YY
epic minotaurYYY


Shape Weapon Items Armor
greater wildshape III (lvl 15)
epic basilisk  Y
epic driderYYY
epic manticore  Y
humanoid shape (lvl 17)
epic drow warriorYYY
epic lizardfolk whipmaster  YYY
epic kobold commandoYYY
undead shape
risen lordYYY
vampire YY
spectre  Y
outsider shape
azer chieftainYYY
death slaad lord  Y
construct shape
stone golem  Y
demonflesh golem  Y
Iron golem YY
dragon shape
dragon (any)  Y

Item merge

  • Weapon is the primary weapon slot.
  • Items are both ring slots, amulet slot, cloak slot, boots slot, and belt slot.
  • Armor is the armor slot, shield slot (shield only, offhand weapons do not merge), and helmet slot.
  • The gloves or bracers slot and the ammunition slots never merge.
  • Any spell efects that are on original and shifted forms are also passed on, its a good idiea to fortify yourself with druid spells before shifting as you cannot cast standard spells while in a shifted form.
  • Rules of thumb:
    • Has a weapon? Merges all.
    • Unarmed, stands on two legs? Merges items & armor.
    • Unarmed, four or more legs? Merges armor only.
    • Exceptions to the rule are epic manticore, spectre, death slaad lord, stone golem, and demonflesh golem.
  • Because only the properties of the items are taken, and the item is "removed" and unavailable in the shifted form, any penalties from armor, such as penalties on skills, do not apply when shifted. This also means that a druid/shifter/monk who had been wearing armor or using a shield prior to shifting will have their special abilities reinstated because they will no longer be wearing armor or using a shield.
  • All AC bonuses become deflection bonuses, and only the highest applies.
  • If there are multiple bonuses to an ability score, only the highest applies. For example, if the shifter was wearing elven boots (+2 dexterity), a belt of agility +2 (+2 dexterity), and bracers of agility +3 (+3 dexterity), the final dexterity bonus on the shifted form is +2: the elven boots and belt of agility do not stack, and the bracers in the glove slot do not merge at all.
  • It is possible to save a game while in shifted form, but on reloading, any item merges are not applied (and some items that cannot be used while shifted are removed from the quickbar). To reinstate them, re-shift.


  • Requires Hordes of the Underdark.
  • Racial ability score bonuses/penalties (e.g. elven +2 Dex, -2Cons) apply corresponding benefits and penalties to strength damage, devastating critical DC, AB (including dexterity AB in weapon finesse), skills, saves, AC, and HP when the corresponding ability score is not overridden. The ability score on the character sheet and the command GetAbilityScore() will not report racial bonuses/penalties to ability scores, however GetAbilityModifier() will as long as the ability score is not overridden. Any overridden stat is not influenced by racial ability score bonuses/penalties.
  • The shifter and druid shapeshifting feats cannot be dispelled.
  • Spell resistance from the shapes does not stack with the monk's diamond soul feat.
  • Damage reduction from the shapes does not stack with other forms of damage reduction.
  • All of the shapes which require an epic shifter actually require greater wildshape IV. Hence, they can be taken with 10 levels of shifter as opposed to 11.
  • Shifters (and druids) cannot take the weapon proficiency (simple, martial, or exotic) feats on a shifter (or druid) level. An elven shifter will receive racial bonus proficiencies in longsword, rapier, longbow, and shortbow. In order to gain additional proficiencies, a level of a third class can be taken.

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