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*Rogue's Sneak Attack, [[Blackguard]]'s [[Sneak Attack, Blackguard|Sneak Attack]], and [[Assassin]]'s [[Death Attack]] all [[stack]].
*The damage bonus from this feat [[stack]]s with that from the [[Sneak Attack, Blackguard|blackguard's sneak attack]] and [[assassin]]'s [[death attack]].
* To set up Sneak Attacks without being Hidden, [[entangle (effect)|entangle]], [[stunned|stun]], [[paralysis|paralyze]], or [[prone|knock down]] the opponent first. Oppenents in [[darkness (effect)|darkness]] will also suffer sneak attacks. (Rogue [[use magic device|UMD]] allows use of [[Darkness (spell)|Darkness]] scrolls, cast [[Ultravision]] on yourself first.)
* To set up sneak attacks without being hidden, a rogue will sometimes [[entangle (effect)|entangle]], [[stunned|stun]], [[paralysis|paralyze]], or [[prone|knock down]] an opponent first. Operating in [[darkness (effect)|darkness]] is another tactic, often achieved by utilizing the [[use magic device]] skill to cast [[darkness (spell)|darkness]] (and [[ultravision]]) from a scroll.
*Sneak Attack is a way to get around fighting strong [[damage resistance|DR]] targets with inadequate weapons. For example, a Rogue could potentially use a weak weapon with no Enhancement Bonus against DR 10/+1 if their Sneak Attack can add enough damage to net more than 10 points of damage in a blow.
*Sneak attacks are a way to get around the [[damage reduction]] or [[damage resistance]] of strong targets (by applying bonus damage in excess of what gets reduced or resisted).
*Sneak Attacks can be made with ranged weapons if within 30 feet of the target.
*Sneak attacks can be made with ranged weapons if within 30 feet of the target.
==Builder notes==
==Builder notes==

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Ife sneakhit

Type of Feat: Class

Prerequisite: Rogue 1

Specifics: Whenever a character makes a successful attack against an opponent who is flat-footed, cannot see them, or who is in combat with someone else, the character’s blow delivers extra damage. This extra damage is +1d6 at 1st level and an additional +1d6 every two levels thereafter. This extra damage is not multiplied in the case of a critical hit.

Use: Automatic. Monsters of the construct and undead types are immune to sneak attacks, as are any creatures that are immune to critical hits.


Builder notes

Item feat: Only 1d6, 2d6, 3d6 and 5d6, but the rest can be added with custom content.

Custom content notes

Removable: Yes

Reusable: Yes

Script: Hardcoded

  • This feat can be added to iprp_feats.2da to make it available as item feat.
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