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03:26, June 24, 2007Item book plain blue.jpg (file)2 KBAlaisiagae (generic book)
03:21, June 24, 2007Item coldstone.jpg (file)940 BAlaisiagae (coldstone)
06:33, June 23, 2007Portait copycat jolie.jpg (file)7 KBAlaisiagae (PC portrait (elf, female) copycat source (A. Jolie))
06:15, June 23, 2007Weights.jpg (file)980 BAlaisiagae (weight/encumbrance scales)
21:50, June 20, 2007Undead skeleton.jpg (file)1 KBAlaisiagae (skeleton (warrior, I suppose))
22:35, May 9, 2007Dragon shadow.jpg (file)2 KBAlaisiagae (image of a shadow dragon (I think))
21:41, May 9, 2007Item bag magic.jpg (file)2 KBAlaisiagae (image of a Magic Bag)
21:40, May 9, 2007Item bag holding.jpg (file)2 KBAlaisiagae (image of Bag of Holding)
00:10, April 24, 2007Goldpieces.gif (file)1 KBAlaisiagae (gold pieces (cropped))
23:42, April 23, 2007Torch.gif (file)2 KBAlaisiagae (Image of a torch)
19:58, April 21, 2007Thunderstone.gif (file)2 KBAlaisiagae (Thunderstone icon.)
19:58, April 21, 2007Tanglefootbag.gif (file)2 KBAlaisiagae (Tanglefoot bag icon.)
19:58, April 21, 2007Holywater.gif (file)2 KBAlaisiagae (Holywater icon.)
19:57, April 21, 2007Chokingpowder.gif (file)2 KBAlaisiagae (Choking powder icon.)
19:57, April 21, 2007Caltrops.gif (file)2 KBAlaisiagae (Caltrops icon.)
19:57, April 21, 2007Alchemistsfire.gif (file)2 KBAlaisiagae (Alchemist's fire/fire bomb icon.)
19:56, April 21, 2007Acidbomb.gif (file)2 KBAlaisiagae (Acid bomb/flask icon.)
19:52, April 21, 2007Spikehelmet.gif (file)3 KBAlaisiagae 

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