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09:59, October 19, 2005Server icon.jpg (file)1 KBEnigmatic (Image of the server icon)
07:25, October 14, 2005Action-Disarm.jpg (file)841 BEnigmatic (Image of the Disarm Action)
14:36, October 13, 2005Action-Examine.jpg (file)634 BEnigmatic (Image of the Examine Action)
14:36, October 13, 2005Action-Close.jpg (file)911 BEnigmatic (Image of the Close Action)
14:34, October 13, 2005Action-Open.jpg (file)911 BEnigmatic (Image of the Open Action)
09:06, October 8, 2005Action-Unlock.jpg (file)696 BEnigmatic (Image of the Unlock action)
08:56, October 8, 2005Action-Lock.jpg (file)736 BEnigmatic (Image of the Lock action)
08:56, October 8, 2005Action-Cast.jpg (file)833 BEnigmatic (Image of the Cast action)
08:55, October 8, 2005Action-Bash.jpg (file)723 BEnigmatic (Image of the Bash action)
08:55, October 8, 2005Action-Attack.jpg (file)817 BEnigmatic (Image of the Attack action)
12:23, October 7, 2005Tower shield.jpg (file)2 KBEnigmatic (Image of a Tower shield)
12:23, October 7, 2005Small shield.jpg (file)2 KBEnigmatic (Image of a Small shield)
12:23, October 7, 2005Large shield.jpg (file)2 KBEnigmatic (Image of a Large shield)
12:05, October 7, 2005Studded leather armor.jpg (file)3 KBEnigmatic (Image of Studded Leather Armor)
12:00, October 7, 2005Leather armor.jpg (file)2 KBEnigmatic (Image of Leather Armor)
11:57, October 7, 2005Padded armor.jpg (file)3 KBEnigmatic (Image of Padded Armor)
11:39, October 7, 2005Splint mail.jpg (file)3 KBEnigmatic (Image of Splint Mail)
11:39, October 7, 2005Scale mail.jpg (file)2 KBEnigmatic (Image of Scale Mail)
11:38, October 7, 2005Hide armor.jpg (file)2 KBEnigmatic (Image of Hide Armor)
11:38, October 7, 2005Half plate.jpg (file)3 KBEnigmatic (Image of Half Plate)
11:37, October 7, 2005Full plate.jpg (file)3 KBEnigmatic (Image of Full Plate)
11:37, October 7, 2005Chainmail.jpg (file)3 KBEnigmatic (Image of Chainmail)
11:37, October 7, 2005Chain shirt.jpg (file)2 KBEnigmatic (Image of a Chain Shirt)
11:37, October 7, 2005Breastplate.jpg (file)2 KBEnigmatic (Image of a Breastplate)
11:36, October 7, 2005Banded mail.jpg (file)2 KBEnigmatic (Image of Banded mail)
10:11, October 7, 2005Sword diagram.jpg (file)6 KBEnigmatic (The Sword Diagram explains the 4 components that make up a sword.)
13:46, October 6, 2005Ring.jpg (file)882 BEnigmatic (Image of a Ring)
13:46, October 6, 2005Gloves.jpg (file)1 KBEnigmatic (Image of a pair of Gloves)
13:46, October 6, 2005Cloak.jpg (file)2 KBEnigmatic (Image of a cloak)
13:45, October 6, 2005Boots.jpg (file)1 KBEnigmatic (Image of a pair of Boots)
13:45, October 6, 2005Belt.jpg (file)1 KBEnigmatic (Image of a Belt)
13:42, October 6, 2005Bullets slot.jpg (file)11 KBEnigmatic (Image of Bullets slot)
13:41, October 6, 2005Bolts slot.jpg (file)11 KBEnigmatic (Image of Bolts slot)
13:41, October 6, 2005Arrows slot.jpg (file)11 KBEnigmatic (Image of Arrows slot)
13:33, October 6, 2005Amulet slot.jpg (file)11 KBEnigmatic (Image of the Amulet Slot)
13:29, October 6, 2005Second Ring slot.jpg (file)11 KBEnigmatic (Image of Second Ring slot)
13:29, October 6, 2005First Ring slot.jpg (file)11 KBEnigmatic (Image of First Ring Slot)
13:25, October 6, 2005Belt slot.jpg (file)11 KBEnigmatic (Image of Belt slot)
13:22, October 6, 2005Gloves or Bracers slot.jpg (file)11 KBEnigmatic (Image of the Gloves of Bracers slot)
13:17, October 6, 2005Boots slot.jpg (file)11 KBEnigmatic (Image of the Boots Slot)
13:12, October 6, 2005Cloak slot.jpg (file)12 KBEnigmatic (Image of the Cloak Slot)
12:48, October 6, 2005Helmet slot.jpg (file)11 KBEnigmatic (Image of the Helmet slot)
11:49, October 6, 2005Toolset palette.jpg (file)4 KBEnigmatic (Image of the Toolset Palette)
11:41, October 6, 2005Item palette.jpg (file)9 KBEnigmatic (Image of the Item Palette)
11:20, October 6, 2005Armor slot.jpg (file)12 KBEnigmatic (Image of the Equippable Armor Slot)
10:52, October 6, 2005Secondary weapon or shield slot.jpg (file)11 KBEnigmatic (Image of the Secondary Weapon or Shield Slot)
10:45, October 6, 2005Primary weapon slot.jpg (file)11 KBEnigmatic (Image of the Primary Weapon Slot)
10:09, October 6, 2005Inventory slots.jpg (file)11 KBEnigmatic (An Image of the character Inventory Slots which can be equipped)
08:22, October 5, 2005Throwing axe.jpg (file)948 BEnigmatic (Image of a Throwing Axe)
08:21, October 5, 2005Staff of the Magi.jpg (file)2 KBEnigmatic (Image of the Staff of the Magi)

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