Splint mail
Name: Splint mail
Description: A strange type of armor, Splint mail consists of a series of strong lengths of metal which are interconnected with various metal plates. It is designed to offer more freedom of movement while still being able to provide enough protection from glancing blows.

armor properties
weight (lb) 45
cost (gp) 200
armor class 6
arcane spell failure 40%
armor check penalty -7
max dex bonus 1
category Heavy
proficiency Armor Proficiency (Heavy)

Note: Splint mail has the same properties as banded mail.

Scales of Truth +1 Edit

This suit bears the mark of the dwarf Marrok, Master Blacksmith of Neverwinter's Shining Knight Arms and Armor. He forged it early in 1373 DR, to aid the heroes who sought to free his quarantined city from the virulent grasp of the so-called Wailing Death.

Scales of Truth +3 Edit

This suit bears the mark of the dwarf Barun, a Master Blacksmith who worked from a makeshift forge in the Uthgardt village of Beorunna's Well. He forged it late in 1373 DR, to aid the war effort against Lady Aribeth the Betrayer, who was then marching against the northern city of Neverwinter and the Lords' Alliance.

  • AC: +3
  • Cast spell: see invisibility (caster level 3, twice per day)
  • Saving throw: fortitude +2
  • Required level: 10

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