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StormNexus is a role play and PvP server for BioWare's Neverwinter Nights. It is set in the world of Mellus, where players can make their mark on its history and develop their own cultures. The world is completely original and unencumbered by copyrights. The server rules are intuitive, with no intricate policies and no lawyers.

StormNexus features dozens of unique game enhancements. These include fun after 40 (the adventure never ends for a character), no alignment restrictions (play a character as desired), playing what is seen (a scoundrel who takes paladin levels is still a scoundrel), ten races (both classic and new), almost no class restrictions (play nearly any class in any combination), special skins, custom spells, custom summons, and much more.

There are many different realms in this server, and conflicts are not bound to good/evil. Nothing is black and white, while truces, backstabbing, and treachery abound. Large factions permit epic battles that only big alliances can create. Player groups can be joined or created, and fiefdoms built, by players.

StormNexus has its origins in Stormplay, one of the longest running and most popular servers in NWN's history. The server's community is mature with over four years of high standards. Friendly DMs identify, because they are players too. The server runs on powerful hardware with stable software to provide high performance and low down time.

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