Storm of vengeance

Spell level: cleric 9; druid 9

Innate level: 9
School: conjuration
Descriptor: electricity
Components: verbal, somatic
Range: personal
Area of effect: colossal (10 meter radius)
Duration: 10 rounds
Save: reflex special
Spell resistance: yes

Description: The area around the caster is blasted by lightning and acidic rain. Each round, all enemies within the area of effect take 3d6 points of acid damage. Those who fail a reflex save take an additional 3d6 6d6 points of electrical damage and are stunned for one two rounds.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This spell's description incorrectly states that the electrical damage is "3d6"; the actual electrical damage is 6d6.
  • The duration of the stunning effect is two rounds, not one.
  • Damage is rolled once each round, not once per target.
  • There is no damage inflicted for the last round of this spell due to a bug. (A fix for this is available on the Vault[1].)

Custom content notes[edit | edit source]

  • main script: NW_S0_StormVeng
  • OnHearbeat script: NW_S0_StormVenC
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