Ife familiar

Type of feat: class
Prerequisite: wizard 1, sorcerer 1

Specifics: A character with this feat may summon a familiar once per day. If the familiar dies, the character suffers 1d6 magical damage, but may summon the familiar again on the following day.

Use: selected

The available familiars are bat, eyeball, faerie dragon, fire mephit, hell hound, ice mephit, imp, panther, pixie, pseudodragon, and raven.


  • Talking to the familair will give you the option to feed it, doing this heals it compleately for free.
  • You can also posess the familair, when doing this your character will stay moitionless while you move as the familair. This is a great help in scouting as familairs tend to be slightly faster then the player (any henchmen you may have hired will not follow the familair as they would with the player character, also while in posessing the familair you cant use its special abilitys whitch makes it rather innefective in combat).

Custom content notes

  • script: NW_S2_Familiar.nss
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