Description: Clerics who take the Sun domain are better able to turn undead than their brethren, and gain spells that are harmful to undead.


Domain special abilities[]

Exceptional turning - Add 1d6 1d4 to all turning checks to determine the maximum hit dice of undead turned. Also add 1d4 1d6 to the number of undead hit dice turned.

Bonus spells[]


  • The dice listed in the description are reversed; 1d4 is added to the turning check, while 1d6 is added to "the number of undead turned".
  • For the conversion between turning check and the maximum hit die of an individual undead that can be turned, see the table in the turn undead article. On average, the sun domain bonus typically adds 1 to the highest level creature that can be turned.
  • This domain affects the turn undead ability, not undead specifically; it applies equally to all races that can be turned (if the ability to turn races other than undead is granted by another domain or the planar turning feat).