Sword diagram

A sword is a bladed weapon that is used to slash (and sometimes pierce) opponents. Swords can come in many varieties; those defined in Neverwinter Nights include bastard swords, greatswords, longswords, shortswords, rapiers, scimitars, and katanas. (A dagger is not considered a sword due to it being too small.)

The components of a sword are the following.

Used to stop the hand from sliding off the end as well as providing some counter-balancing to the blade.
The handle of the sword, usually wrapped in leather or wool to provide a good grip.
The metal piece that keeps your opponent's weapon from cutting the hand.
The sharpened length of the weapon for which it gets its name.

When setting a sword's appearance in the Toolset, the hilt and pommel are modified together, resulting in only three components to customize.

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