A tag is string (up to 32 characters) which is used to identify an object within a module, but does not need to be unique. This should not be confused with a ResRef, which is used to identify blueprints and must be unique. BioWare often sets tags equal to ResRefs, and this is the default in the Toolset, but not following this example could prevent confusion.

Tags are case sensitive and may contain a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters. Digits and underscores are also valid for use in a tag.

Changing the tag on an object is a common way to differentiate between instances of the same blueprint. Using the same tag on objects created from different blueprints is a common way to give different objects similar functionality/behavior.

Example several tags, one ResRef:

  1. Create a blueprint and set the ResRef to "orctable".
  2. Set the tag to use the same value but in uppercase (i.e. "ORCTABLE").
  3. Create an instance of this blueprint and change the tag on the object to "ORCTABLE_01".
  4. Create a second instance of the same blueprint and change the tag to "ORCTABLE_02".