The article seems to contradict itself; first, it says the no combat damage property prevents the weapon from dealing damage, then it says the weapon will deal damage. Could someone clarify this? Alaisiagae 17:12, 24 June 2007 (PDT)

Better? --The Krit 20:19, 16 July 2007 (PDT)

Removed builder's note Edit

Just to get a few words into the removed note (removed for the reason that creature (perhaps natural?) weapons do not have base damage):

This itemproperty doesn't work when placed onto creature weapons.

Both the standard weapon slots (right and left/off-hand) and the three natural weapon slots use base damage. For the standard slots, the base damage references baseitems.2da, for the natural the "monster damage" property is referenced. Monster damage does not function in standard slots, and baseitems.2da damage is not used in natural slots. Thus a weapon has a base damage for when it is in a standard slot and a separate base damage for when it is in a natural slot.

Creature weapons (bite, claw, gore, and slam) do not have a "no combat damage" item property available. It would need to be added by custom content. This property would be superfluous even if it respected "monster damage" since the lack of any monster damage property by itself warrants the "no combat damage" equivalent. It shouldn't be surprising if the natural slots do not look for this property (as the natural base damage system is much more flexible than the standard).

In any case, since either the note focuses on the redundancy of the no-weapon property when putting a standard weapon into a natural slot or it focuses on 2da editing to incorporate a property that wasn't intended for the natural slots (and comes from a much more limiting standard base damage calculation), I don't see the relevance of the addition to a page devoted to "no combat damage" as a typical player/builder would encounter it. WhiZard 20:11, May 27, 2012 (UTC)

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