My Take on the override

The override is a very good tool to bring new or edited material into the game.

The major problem with implementation of it is that it is not wildly understood and persons tend to forget what they have in the override. This is where the point Krit makes comes into play modules and servers which have there own methods of implementation of content usually thru haks often will cause eradict game play, such as missing content or just plain old game crashes. This can be managed affectively by knowing exactly what your override contains.

Another problem which made the override a bad way to go originally, was the override became obsolete as Bioware continued to patch the game along the way. Since no more patches are scheduled for release the override has now become a little bit easier way to implement content.

Some of the bonuses of the override:

1) Actually very easy implementation and removal.

2) Actually doesn't count against your resources like some haks have a tendancy to do.

3) No lag on loading of modules or save games (I have used some haks that have literally taken 15 minutes to load).

4) IMHO more reliable than haks.

--Cervantes35 16:25, 15 June 2009 (UTC)

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