• Arcane spell caster level 3 (minimum) is the same as a wizard/bard/sorcerer level 3, not that you are being able to use level 3 spells.
  • The duration of the spells are based on Arcane levels. I.e if I have 30 levels of pale master and 10 levels of wizard, all spells are treated as level 10 considering damage, duration and saves. (in version 1.66 at least)
  • You get one spell slot for 2 levels of palemaster. I.e if you have 8 levels of wizard and 3 levels of pale master, you will have the same amounts of spellslots as a level 10 wizard. If you take one level of pale master more (wiz 8/pm 4), then you will still have spell slots as a level 10 wizard, since this begin to count at level 1 pale master. I.e:

lvl 1 = spellslot lvl 3 = spellslot lvl 5 = spellslot, and so on.

  • Since you dont get the spells, only the spellslots, it's stupid to take a pale master in a world where few scrolls are available, or start a pale master before you have gotten all spells you want as a wizard/sorcerer.
  • Pale masters have a nice AC but terrible AB. In reality, they are the meatshield that stands in the front, taking the blows but dealing zip damage themselves.
  • Take only 10 levels of pale master if you are a munchkin and want a killer character. Everything above level 10 is worth less than the same levels as wizard (for spellduration and damage) or fighter (for Attack Bonus). Wizard is a much better choice than bard/sorcerer since you'll get a better selection of spells and the higher int. will give you more skillpoints.

>> Not true, going 15 or even 16 palemaster can open up Epic Spells, bonus feats, more AC. A fighter meatshield with Warding and Epic Mage Armor?

>> Current build Im playing is: 13 bard / 17 Pale / 10 RDD. Dev crit, High AC, fair health, scrolls, character I've ever played. Oh and yes, I have Epic mage armour and Warding and Hellball...The Ghoul king is RUBBISH though...

Featlist (complete)

 L1:Boneskin (AC Base+2)
 L1: Gain spells per day every 2 levels at the highest caster class rate
 L2: Cast Animate Dead (Tyrantfog Zombie, 1/day)
 L3: Darkvision
 L4: Cast Summon Undead (Ghoul, 2/day)
 L4: Boneskin (AC Base+2 every 4 levels)
 L5: Deathless Vigor (+3 HP per class level up to character level 20)
 L6: Undead Graft (Paralyze 2/day, 3/day at level 8, arm replaced by bone)
 L6: Cast Animate Dead (Skeleton Warrior, 1/day)
 L6: Cast Summon Undead (Shadow, 2/day)
 L7: Tough as Bone (Immune to Hold, Paralyze and Stun)
 L7: Cast Summon Undead (Ghast, 2/day)
 L8: Cast Summon Undead (Wight, 2/day)
 L9: Cast Summon Undead (Wraith, 2/day)
 L9: Cast Summon Greater Undead (Mummy, 1/day)
 L10: Deathless Mastery (Immune to Critical Hits)
 L10: Deathless Master Touch (DC17 Kill 3/day, DC+1 every 2 levels)
 L10: Cast Summon Greater Undead (Spectre, 1/day)
 L12: Cast Summon Greater Undead (Vampire Rogue, 1/day)
 L13: Epic Bonus Feat every 3 levels
 L13: Undead Graft (Paralyze 4/day, +1/day every 3 levels)
 L14: Cast Summon Greater Undead (Greater Bodak, 1/day)
 L15: Deathless Vigor (+5 HP every 5 levels)
 L16: Cast Summon Greater Undead (Ghoul King, 1/day)
 L18: Cast Summon Greater Undead (Vampire Mage, 1/day)
 L20: Cast Summon Greater Undead (Skeleton Blackguard, 1/day)
 L22: Cast Summon Greater Undead (Lich, 1/day)
 L24: Cast Summon Greater Undead (Lich Lord, 1/day)
 L26: Cast Summon Greater Undead (Alhoon, 1/day)
 L28: Cast Summon Greater Undead (Elder Alhoon, 1/day)
 L30: Cast Summon Greater Undead (Demi Lich, 1/day)
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