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The caster for spells contained in magic items is the person who imbued the spell and not the person who is wielding the magic item

In NWN the spells from items have their level determined not by the creator but by the default level of the spell. - DaBear

  • Well that is not quite true for Scrolls. When a level 15+ Wizard cast GMW on the Scroll the innate level will be +5 GMW (I think level 8). Then it depends on the user of the scroll to work out the bonus they get to their weapon. If the users level is 12 they get +4 (last for 1 Hour/ 4 Levels) or if the users level is 15+ they get +5 (Last for 1 Hour/ 5 Levels). (if I remember correctly the max level of a scroll is 9) I know Potion/bottles are only level 1 so any spell like Bless would only last as long 1 Turn/ 1 Level. The same goes for Prayer 1 Round / 1 Level . If I remember correctly wands max level is something like 4/5. A level 15 Cleric casted GMW on a wand. The level of the spell will still only be +1 bonus, and 1 Hour/ 1 levels (It doesnt matter what level the users is). I really hope that makes sense. If not, can someone please help. -- Pstarky 06:30, 16 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • Interesting about the scrolls. I am in agreement with your intent on wands and potions. At least what effects I have witnessed but I will confirm this and get some exact numbers. DaBear 06:41, 16 Nov 2005 (PST)
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