Terrifying rage

Type of feat: general (available every three level-ups) (epic)
Prerequisite: epic barbarian 21st level, greater rage (4x per day), intimidate 25

Specifics: While the barbarian is raging, any enemy (with less than the barbarian's hit dice) that comes close to him must make a will save opposed by the barbarian's intimidate check or become panicked for 1d6 1d3 rounds. Opponents with up to twice the barbarian's hit dice will not flee but will receive a -2 penalty to attack and saving throw rolls. Creatures with more than at least twice the barbarian's hit dice are not affected by the rage.

Use: automatic while in rage


  • Requires Hordes of the Underdark.
  • This feat's description incorrectly lists "epic barbarian" as a prerequisite. While 21 character levels are required, only 15 of them need to be barbarian levels. (More precisely, the feat "greater rage (4x per day)" is required.)
  • The earliest this feat can be taken is at the 24th character level (this is because the 25 intimidate ranks can only be achieved at level 22 or later, and there are no general or barbarian feats available in between the 21st and 24th level).
  • "Barbarian's hit dice" means total character levels.
  • "Opposed by the barbarian's intimidate check" means "DC is barbarian's intimidate skill + 1d10". (BioWare changed it from 1d20; see script x2_s2_terrage_a.)
  • The saving throw is versus fear, but the effect that gets applied is paralysis (so this feat causes no one to "flee" and affected creatures with four or fewer hit dice are subject to a coup de grâce).
  • The saving throw is bugged as it will cause those immune to fear to automatically fail the save (without a roll).
  • Those afflicted with the -2 penalty to attack and saving throw rolls (referred to as shaken in Dungeons & Dragons parlance) receive the floating text feedback "* trembling with fear! *".
  • The feat description incorrectly lists the duration of the negative effects as 1d6 rounds, instead of 1d3 rounds.
  • Creatures with exactly twice the barbarian's hit dice are not affected by this feat, even though the official description would imply otherwise.
  • When mighty rage and normal rage are both active, there are two auras each of which will trigger a will save to avoid the associated negative effects (the penalty to attack roll and saves stacks in this case).

Custom content notes[]

  • OnEnter script: x2_s2_terrage_a
  • This feat is implemented by the CheckAndApplyTerrifyingRage() function located in the script x2_i0_spells. It is called at the end of the rage scripts via CheckAndApplyEpicRageFeats() (also defined in x2_i0_spells).
  • A custom class must have this feat in their feat list, or that class will not be able to select it as a general feat.