The Sword Coast is a book item that can be found in the official campaigns and possibly in other modules.

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Between Waterdeep and the Spine of the World lies a wedge-shaped piece of land along the coast of the Sea of Swords, roughly seven hundred miles north to south and almost two hundred miles across at its widest. At the western tip of the Spine of the World is Icewind Dale, the northernmost settled land in this part of Faerûn. The Long Road stretching from Waterdeep to Mirabar defines the eastern extent of the Sword Coast North.

The Sword Coast was the first part of the North to be inhabited by civilized people. Most of its area is covered in gently rolling grasslands, and herders and farmers found and easy living here. Sometimes the land touches the Sea of Swords in a pebble beach, but it more often meets the water in a series of sea caves, broken rock spits, and low cliffs marked by pillars of rock severed by the tireless waves. This terrain lends itself to smuggling, but it also forces ships that navigate close to the shore to be small and of shallow draft, and therefore they are vulnerable to the driving onshore storms that often pound this area.

Wooded hills and forbidding mountains bound the region to the east, and beyond this barrier is the expanse of the Dessarin River system.

Along the Sword Coast, the great trade towns of Leilon, Luskan, Neverwinter, Port Llast, and Waterdeep keep the area from descending into chaos. The central potions of the northern Sword Coast is underlain by several cavern systems; the Endless Caverns of the High Forest, the Underground River system of the High Moor (accessed from Dragonspear Castle far to the south), and the caverns under Mount Waterdeep that dwarves expanded into Undermountain.