A tileset is a collection of tiles with interactions defined so they fit together in a logical way, typically following a common theme. They allow a builder to select from a list of different tiles (each with varying sizes) to construct an area in a module, but only one tileset may be used for each area.

Neverwinter Nights originally included 10 tilesets, and additional tilesets were included in the expansions — 3 in Shadows of Undrentide (SoU) and 5 in Hordes of the Underdark. A further 2 tilesets were made available in hak pak form from BioWare with the release of patch 1.67. These were integrated into the core game resources (removing the need for the hak pak) in patch 1.69, and at the same time 6 more tilesets were added, bringing the total number of BioWare tilesets to 26. Moreover, certain groups and individuals have released — and continue to release — other tilesets for the community to use, providing unlimited selections for a module builder (although there is a practical limit on how many tilesets can be used in a single module). Most notable of these groups are the Community Tileset Project (CTP) and the Community Expansion Pack (CEP). (All CEP tilesets require CEP version 2.2.)

Available tilesets
BioWare CEP CTP Other

barrows (TBW) (1.69)
beholder caves (TIB) (HotU)
castle exterior, rural (TNO) (1.69)
castle interior (TIC)
castle interior 2 (TNI02) (1.69)
city exterior (TCN)
city interior (TIN)
city interior 2 (TNI01) (1.69)
crypt (TDC)
desert (TTD) (SoU)
drow interior (TID) (HotU)
dungeon (TDE)
forest (TTF)
fort interior (TWC) (1.69)
frozen wastes (TTI) (HotU)
ilithid interior (TII) (HotU)
microset (TMS)
mines and caverns (TDM)
ruins (TDR) (SoU)
rural (TTR)
rural winter (TTS) (SoU)
sea caves (TDT) (1.67)
sewer (TDS)
steamworks (TSW) (1.69)
tropical (TTZ) (1.67)
Underdark (TTU) (HotU)

castle interior
city exterior
city interior
drow interior
frozen wastes

black desert
brick interior
cave ruins
dungeon LOK
dwarven halls
elven city exp
elven interior
Gothic estates
Gothic interior
sandstone caverns
white wizard lab

arcanum castle
Aztec exterior redux
Aztec interior
barbaric north
classic dungeon
cypress swamp
extreme terrains
fantasy dungeon
forest, TBX
haunted interiors
immersive swamp
marble elven interiors
Mirkwood forest
natural caves
rocky mountains
scorched earth
seasonal forest
the Underdark
wooden elven interiors

The letters in parentheses after tileset names are the codes needed by custom content makers when referring to these tilesets.