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Set in the present year of 1375, Trials of Winter allows players to do almost anything they wish and use their imagination. The Ten Towns region has been populated for some time now and is mostly comprised of humans, dwarves, and barbarians. Half-elves and a handful of other races are in the minority, though in recent years several elven families have found their way into the towns as well. There are usually two reasons anyone comes to the Ten Towns area: To fish the lakes the towns and become scrimshanders, or for various reasons, make themselves disappear as far as the rest of Faerûn is concerned.

Ten Towns is north of the savage frontier and west of the spine of the world. It is located in the cold harsh lands of icewind dale where one of Auril's priestesses, angered because of the warming of the environment caused by the activities and pollution from the ten towns tries to freeze the land over and make it ice forever. As a result, the winters are long and bitter and the summers growing colder and a bit shorter with each passing year.

This PW is aiming to give players the chance to become leaders of towns and aid in the building of them via income earned. You will start in the small town of Lonelywood and from there it's up to you what your character sets out to achieve, be it a leader of towns, a hired killer, or the hero who saves us all from Auril's icy grip. The choice is yours to make.

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