This article is about the effect/item property; for the spell, see True seeing (spell).

The true seeing effect and item property allows a creature to see through darkness, invisibility, sanctuary, and stealth. This makes it stronger than a combination of see invisibility and ultravision (see through / target in darkness). It does not, however, allow a creature to see around walls, nor does it negate concealment.

While true seeing is automatic, vision in Neverwinter Nights is not continuous and immediate. This means a creature with true seeing can still be subject to sneak attacks from a hidden opponent, as long as the attack occurs before the target detects the attacker. For example, if a true seeing target has just walked around a corner and is attacked immediately, the target might not yet have become aware of the attacker, which would make the target susceptible to a sneak attack.

When encountered as an effect, true seeing is easier to dispel than most other effects, as its creator's level is zero in the dispel check.

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