True seeing (spell)

Spell level: cleric 5; druid 7; sorcerer/wizard 6; cleric with animal domain 3, knowledge domain 4

Innate level: 5
School: divination
Components: verbal, somatic
Range: touch
Area of effect: single
Duration: 1 turn / level
Save: harmless
Spell resistance: no
Additional counterspells: greater shadow conjuration

Description: The target creature can see through sanctuary and invisibility effects, and automatically spots hiding opponents.


  • For more particulars of the result of this spell, see true seeing (the effect produced by this spell).
  • In situations where seeing through stealth is not important, sorcerers and wizards may want to consider using the lower-level spells ultravision and see invisibility instead of true seeing, so that another level 6 spell may be chosen.
  • Some modules change the result of this spell, so it does not allow automatic detection of opponents in stealth, but instead grants a sizable bonus to the spot skill (making the detection more likely, but not automatic). Some modules also provide a bonus to listen, as this aids in the detection, even though listening is not truly part of seeing.
  • Due to a .2da bug, greater shadow conjuration is not an additional counterspell of this spell.

Custom content notes[]

  • script: NW_S0_TrueSee