Ife turn

Type of Feat: Class

Prerequisite: Blackguard 3, Cleric 1, Paladin 3

Required for: Divine might, Divine shield

Specifics: With this feat, the character can force undead to flee in terror. This ability may be activated 3x/ day, plus the character’s Charisma modifier. The character’s level and Charisma are used to determine how many undead are turned.

Use: Selected. If the character has twice as many levels as the undead have HD, the undead are instantly destroyed.


  • Affects eligible creatures within 20 meters (60 feet) of the character. The nearest creature is affected first and then the next nearest creature, and so on until the total number of creature Hit dice is met.
  • Normally only affects undead, but other creatures are also affected based on the cleric's domain:
  • The Planar turning feat also allows Outsiders to be turned as if they were undead.
  • Clerics can turn Outsiders as if they were undead with the Good Domain or the Evil Domain, however, with the changes from Hordes of the Underdark, Outsiders recieve Turn Resistance equal to their Spell Resistance. Planar Turning reduces this resistance by 1/2.
  • To determine the number of creatures affected, the base class level is Cleric level plus the higher of Paladin level − 2 or Blackguard level − 2. For example, a Cleric 20 / Paladin 15 / Blackguard 5 would have a base class level of 33.
    • The total number of creature Hit dice affected is 2d6 + base class level + Charisma modifier (+ an extra 1d6 if the character has the Sun domain).
    • Turn resistance adds to the creature's Hit dice for purposes of Turn undead. For Outsiders, Spell resistance is also added; however, if the character has the Planar turning feat, only half of the creature's Spell resistance is added.
    • The highest creature Hit dice affected (Turn level) is the base class level modified from −4 to +4 based on a turn check of 1d20 + Charisma modifier (+ 1d4 if they have Sun Domain).
Turn checkTurn level adjust
0 or less−4
1 to 3−3
4 to 6−2
7 to 9−1
10 to 12+0
13 to 15+1
16 to 18+2
19 to 21+3
22 or higher+4
    • For example, the above Cleric 20 / Paladin 15 / Blackguard 5 would have a Turn level of between 29 and 37 (depending on their roll and modifiers), i.e., a 37 Hit dice creature is maximum they could affect.
    • If the character's base class level is at least twice the creature's adjusted Hit dice, it is destroyed instead of turned.
  • Constructs are not turned, but instead damaged 1d3 per Turn level, e.g. 29d3 to 37d3 for the example above. The damage type is magical.
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