Lord Alexander

Alec Usticke, NWNWiki & NWN2Wiki Admin

[DM] Lord Alexander (austicke), Bastions of War Server Host

Email: alec@usticke.org

MSN: alec@usticke.org

AIM: austicke

Facebook: facebook.com/austicke

Web site: www.bastionsofwar.com

Other personal web sites[]

Wiki to do[]

  • Enable image/file upload
  • Add a little to Neverwinter Nights
  • Merge Gold bonus and Bonus gold articles
  • Add all spells, feats, skills, abilities, etc.
  • Add all classes & abilities
  • Recruit admin(s)
  • Update disclaimers
  • Create template for deletion requests
  • Create Teamspeak article
  • Add graphic to Template:Stub
  • Fix ampersands (Dungeons & Dragons and D&D articles & categories) - Can't be fixed; just can't use ampersand in title *sob*; delete existing articles.
  • Upload graphics for classes, skills, effects, feats, spells, etc. - Anything else? Portraits? Looks like it's been covered by others.
  • Revise categories? Get rid of Character category? Get rid of Web category?
  • Update any articles with patch 1.66 changes?
  • Create Abilities category. Create others? Saving throws?
  • Merge Sorcerer Spells category and Wizard Spells category into category:sorcerer/wizard spells.
  • Update Help section. Copy from meta.wikimedia.org. (could probably still use some work)
  • Remove any remaining BoWWiki content.
  • Delete BoWWiki and redirect to NWNWiki.
  • Setup "coming soon" page at www.nwn2wiki.org and redirect to NWNWiki.
  • Announce NWNWiki on NWVault, BioWare forums, etc. - where else? BioWare Wednesday
  • Combine separate feat and spell articles for Epic spells.
  • Wikify and format patch notes.
  • Recruit an artist to create a custom NWNWiki logo for upper left corner - still working on front page logo
  • Copy articles from Wikipedia [1]
  • Change left side Navigation Bar: remove "Current events", add "Categories"
  • Add content to NWNWiki:Categories.
  • Contact Lexicon admins about somehow working together.
  • Fix spelling errors.
  • Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.5.*.
  • Rename all pages to use lower case unless a proper noun. The great renaming?
  • Undisambig spells that also have a feat version. Use template:otheruses with three parameters instead of just one.
  • Add all item properties (from itempropdef.2da, etc.).