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Brick's Things to To-Do ListEdit

  1. Category:NRS features: From NWNWiki: (List of links): < Category:NRS features: No pages link to here.
  2. Review and revise [[Category:NRS Features]] vs [[Category:NRS Feature]] .
  3. Develop OSRS as a separate source code management system that is owned and operated by public opinion.
  4. Revise the torch feature to check every minute, not every round.
  5. Revise the deity article which I submitted. Give each god their own Wiki entry. I WILL ALSO REMEMBER TO CATEGORIZE THE DEITIES!! (sorry, Defunc7)
  6. Develop my own pet project,, concurrently with OSRS, with a single source code, but with NRS Builds that are found upon the NWNWiki site. Help me build my module and yours by visiting the Wiki Rules!

Brick's Things not to To-Do ListEdit

  1. Don't contribute code to HCR Forums


I am a 42 year old American software consultant working with the second largest telecommunications company in Copenhagen. I specialize in relational databases, C++, Java, TCP/IP networking, and modelling large systems with UML. I am a certified Oracle Database Administrator, certified PowerBuilder developer, and UML practitioner. Currently, I am analyzing the performance of world-wide secure radios over a private IP network. I speak three human languages and ten computer languages. I vote non-Republican. I play with genetic algorithms in my home network of five computers to help me make intelligent stock trades. I like sleeping in tall grass. I have been to 26 countries and lived in four of them. I play NWN and I like scripting. Send emails to SirWinstonWild at


I created a NWN module called Tegel Village. Tegel Village was a successful example of a Hard Core Rules implementation. Active in the HCR Forums, I successfully solved many issues with designing, running, and playing in the Tegel Village module. Ecstatic with my success of such a long-running module and server, I expressed my gratitude by helping others in the HCR forums through active discussion. I had worked very hard on revising many of their scripts, and keeping up with the updates of their HCR code. In particular, it was necessary to rewrite several sections of that code, especially the area-scope OnHeartbeat event script. These script rewrites proved to be critical to the success of Tegel Village. I thought that others should know of what I had learned, because it was buggy and I'm sure others were experiencing the exact same problems that I had. When I finally selected a relatively low-intensity script rewrite to submit, one that shouldn't ruffle too many feathers, I posted it to those HCR forums. I was interested in getting the solutions out to everyone else, free of charge. I was not interested in status, nor money, not even a title such as developer. I even created a poll with extensive discussion about why HCR should go open source; that poll was closed to further discussion.

All of my effort in trying to IMPROVE the final HCR product turned out to be a major mistake. After having one of my posts deleted, it was quite apparent that the current HCR dictatorship was not interested in community contributions, despite having a sub-forum thread to that name. Further discussion in the HCR Forums was useless and just proved to ruffle feathers from a particular vocal dictator. (I'm not sure, the website says there are 15 moderators but only one seems to have been active in the last year. I entered my plea to all the moderators in private messages, but only had one response.).

Fortunately for me, opened it's doors at that same time, and provided a pleasing solution to problems with any particular ego. After the argument followed me to my new favorite site (, it was quite clear that not only is it futile to participate in the HCR realm anymore, but that they are actively trying to suppress HCR content on the Wiki. It was time to cut the ropes free from HCR, and convey these impressions to others.

I have already announced that OSRS is in development. OSRS is a framework that is expected to not only replace the archaic HCR system of dictator-managed code, but also coalesce scripts from other sources into a reusable system where the public owns the code.

I do NOT believe that the public is too stupid to make intelligent overall design decisions. Active involvement from the public will yield an extremely nice product. With the release of NWN2 out around the respective corner, this is an excellent time to start a new framework, the OSRS! Please consider contributing. You WON'T be turned away or have threads closed here.

So, in a nutshell, the Wiki Rules were born out of my frustration with HCR. Don't put up with their crap; we have real results to produce!

UPDATE 2005-DEC-21:

  • For NWN2, I am giving the "NWNWiki Rule Set" a new title: "Open Source Rule Set". This new project name more properly recognizes the focus of the project, which is not on any particular Wiki, but upon the Open Source methodology. I am hoping that this new name will attract more scripters to our project concept.
  • I have posted on the BioBoards to promote the OSRS: It seems to be generating some interest so I hope some more folks come our way and help out.
  • My "Wrap Code" project is nearing completion. It's purpose is to be the first release of OSRS. It will do nothing. Yes, nothing. All it will do is merely wrap every existing event inside an OSRS shell, and establish a set of guidelines for folks to integrate their own code into it. Once the Wrap Code is released, anyone who has code that they wish to contribute, should work with OSRS if they can meet one basic rule: Each of the code scripts they wish to integrate into OSRS must be capable of being called by... ExecuteScript("myscript", OBJECT_SELF); ... although, like with all big projects, there probably will be issues. Wish us luck!

Here I declare myself as being a member of the OSRS developers.

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