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|'''NWN 2 Project:'''
|'''NWN 2 Project:'''
|[http://sourceforge.net/projects/nwn2tabras Tabula Rasa]
|[http://wiki.nwn2pw.com Tabula Rasa NWN2 PW Template]
|valign="top"|'''Background :'''
|valign="top"|'''Background :'''

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Bioware Account : Enigmatic
Location : South Australia
Favourite Haunt: Drow Wars Persistent World
NWN 2 Project: Tabula Rasa NWN2 PW Template
Background :
  • Bachelors degree in computer science from Curtain University in Western Australia
  • Senior Systems Analyst and Managing Director of my own Consultancy Company.
  • Have filled roles from Business Analyst to Analyst/Programmer, System Architect, Systems Analyst
Skills :
  • Professional Programming skills in various languages
    • .Net framework, specifically C#
    • Visual Basic (3 to 6)
    • Delphi 7
    • OpenRoad/Ingres
    • C (some C++)
  • Professional Programming skills in web languages
    • ASP.Net
    • Php
    • Perl
  • Proferssional experience in various databases
    • SQL Server (6.5 to 2000)
    • MySql
    • Ingres
    • Access
    • DB4
  • Design Methodologies and Protocols
    • SDLC
    • UML
    • OOP

NWN Experience

  • Played Neverwinter Nights, Shadows of Undrentide, and Hordes of the Underdark
  • Purchased all Premium Modules
  • Extensively used the toolset to write my own components
    • Wrote a Persistent Store mechanism (including full wholesaling)
    • Writing a Database-driven quest creator
    • A system for identifying places of interest via area triggers
    • An A* NPC path finding mechnism
  • Never completed a module but have several in the works (lack of time)
    • Started with a random bar-room simulation (built from the original David Gaider NPC scripting)
    • A Random Dungeon Generator that allowed you to build up unique configurations
    • Remake of an old "Dungeon" magazine solo adventure which I am still tinkering with
  • Played only on the Drow Wars Persistent World
  • Have been collecting information about Persistent World implementations
  • Started up the Tabula Rasa project for when NWN2 comes out

Currently Working On

  • Adding in the breakdown of the Blueprint Categories from the toolset for all items (Nearly Done)
  • Implementing Template for weapons to all weapons (Nearly Done)
  • Will implement similar template for Spells (but probably not go through all of them... others can help here)
  • Will look into implementing templates for Feats
  • Implement Template for Armour
  • Updating links to the Magical Concepts category where spells require it
  • Might add in a further breakdown to the Planes of Existence some time
  • Toolset usage
    • I might start taking some screen shots and walking people through the use of the toolset
    • Step through some simple issues for them to make life easier
    • Could even give them a full tutorial on how to create an populate a full blown area