Been over a year since I promised to put something intelligible here, so I might as well:

I have been reasonably active during the past few years, mainly as a player and answering questions over at the Bioware forums. Took a year off in June '06 to focus more on studies and other games, and now only active on NWNWiki/NWNWiki2 for the time being. Maybe once I have spent more time with NWN2, I'll wander around Persistent Worlds again and resume my forum work.

Had another long break working on my Masters Thesis. Another few months to go before that is done.

  • Account: GhostNWN (NWNWiki/NWNWiki2/Bioware forums/NWVault)
  • Location: Depending on the time of year, either in London or Shanghai
  • Occupation: Post-grad student
  • Languages: English, German, Chinese, some French
  • NWN1 (since July 2002)
    • Player
    • Scripter
    • Builder
  • NWN2 (since June 2007)
    • Player

GhostNWN 22:18, 13 July 2007 (PDT)

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