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I am a true senior member (way too close to 60 for my personal comfort!) of the computer gaming community and only recently (in the past year) discovered NWN.

Although a select fanatical group of us indulged in PnP D&D during lunch breaks at work in the early 90's, this is the first computer game I've played that accurately simulates our tedious and drawn out dice-tossing and sometimes interpretation-arguing sessions... games that lasted literally years to complete.

Other D&D/RP-based games (like Baldur's Gate, Betrayal at Krondor, et al.) seemed to run the actual D&D algorithms in the background and with a sort of random generator to induce replay-ability. There was no way (other than acquiring character-modifying items) to customize interaction with the game itself.

NWN provides the extensive multi-layered interface to develop a uniquely-skilled PC that can easily be role-played. For that achievement alone I endorse the gaming experience of BioWare's offering.

And to think I haven't even tried the toolkit builder yet! That's pretty kewl, isn't it? :D

--Iconclast 05:40, 26 June 2009 (UTC)

File Links Edit

Excel workbook containing metamagic slots available per spell per class ------>File:Grid NWNmetamagic.xls

Sample dragon article template in MSWord format -----> File:Black Dragon.doc

Deflect Arrows Combat Log Analysis, Single Opposed Range Attacker ----> File:DefArr-LogAnalysis-1v1.doc

Deflect Arrows Combat Log Analysis, Two Opposed Range Attackers ----> File:DefArr-LogAnalysis-1v2.doc

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