Anil Purandaré

I am also known as Llandru on the BioWare forums, where I moderate the Mac NWN Forum and the PC/Mac KotOR Forum. If you want to contact me, the most reliable way is to PM me on the BioWare forums, as I check that pretty regularly.

Plan Edit

I'm very excited about this community resource and hope to add to it in meaningful ways, especially in terms of Mac-oriented information (simply because that's what I know most about).

To DoEdit

  • Fix links to the old "Wizard" article to "Wizard (class)" article.
  • Flesh out the Macintosh Client category.
    • Publisher Info
    • Requirements (linked to the official product page @MacSoft)
    • Pure Mac Install/Upgrading [Underway]
    • Using PC resources to install/upgrade on a Mac
    • Mac Specific Issues
      • no automatic patching
      • Mac expansion installer glitch
      • override folder contents
      • no toolset
    • Official forum and info @BioWare
    • other articles as I think of them
  • Start "Building on the Mac" category (could be Linux too?)
    • Limitations (i.e. no toolset)
    • OpenKnights
    • Neveredit
  • Hunt down typos, errors, articles needing redirects, etc. as time permits.
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