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Notes for self:<br />
*Aura of blinding - The duration of the blindness is likely intended to be 1 + caster's hit dice/3.
*Improved sneak attack - # As of patch 1.66, a bug prevents this feat from working for an assassin who does not have sneak attack or sneak attack, blackguard. The improved sneak attack feats are still selectable for the assassin, but they will add nothing. If the assassin has even one die of sneak attack damage from rogue, blackguard levels, or item property then improved sneak attack works as expected.
*AA's arrows - This damage is intended to penetrate damage reduction according to the arcane archer's enchant arrow bonus, but a bug in the game (not the script) prevents this.
*Glyph of warding - Because of a bug the spell DC is fixed at 14
*Evard's black tentacles - The damage is intended to bypass damage reduction as a +2 weapon, but a bug in the game (not the script) prevents this.
*Greater sanctuary - inv+GS bug
*Implosion - +3DC -&gt; not a bug, intend
*Sunbeam - There is a bug in the script such that if there is at least one living creature in the area, all creatures gotten by the script after that one will only be subject to 3d6 damage (as living). Because the delays are randomly between 1 and 2 seconds, the order that the damage is applied may be different than the order the script gets each creature.
*Web - Sometimes—due to a bug in the game—the speed reduction is not removed when a creature leaves the area of effect, resulting in a permanent speed decrease.
*GetMetaMagicFeat - Casting a spell from an item does not change the return value of this function. For example, casting an empowered spell followed by using an item to cast a spell will cause this function to return METAMAGIC_EMPOWER in the script for the item's spell.
*[[Domination_gaze|Domination gaze]] - looks its whole bad
*Feeblemind - missing ray attack
*Undeath to death - HD, closest first
Destruction - SAVING_THROW_TYPE_NONE<br /><br />Description issues:<br />
*Dragon breath - missing the epic progression
*Craft wand - caster not character level
*quicken spell - The description of quicken spell says that a quickened spell is "invulnerable to counterspells and interruption"; this is not true.
*Hide/Move silently - invisible creature
*Blade thirst - 2rounds per lvl - actually bug in script, should be 1 round really - see Spell Compendium
*Creeping Doom -&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
# The spell description is incorrect when it comes to the damage sustained. According to the spell script, the insects deal 1d20 damage upon entry (which isn't included in the 1,000 damage limit). The heartbeat script increments by 1d6 for each creature and round. So, if there are three creatures in the swarm, it will do 1d6 to the first, 2d6 to the second and 3d6 to the third and then next round it will do 4d6, 5d6, etc.
# The spell also inflicts a 50% movement speed decrease.
*Invisibility sphere - OK, technicall limitations
* GUI_PANEL_PARTY_INVITE = 1 - unusable

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