User Info[]

Karl Nickels - Charlotte, NC
aka Syrus Greycloak


Neverwinter Nights: Resurrection - a remake of the original Neverwinter Nights game on AOL (1991-1997) using NWN


Other Projects[]

The following projects are things I have been bouncing back and forth between, aside from the two mentioned above, depending on my mood of what I want to work on. Since most of what little free time I have is spent on the Grimoire, these projects are very slow in coming.

Experience System[]

I was looking into making a custom experience system that stored xp in a variable when a PC receives it, instead of giving it directly to the PC. The system would also award DMG experience amounts. The reason behind this is to prevent players from being able to level up whereever they want in the middle of an adventure. Players would either need to (a) return to town, or (b) see a trainer (which in turn could require them to complete a quest), depending on how I want to set up the level process. Once the players completed the requirement to level up, the xp would be taken from the stored variable and given to the PC.

Luckily, I found what seems to be a good system that I could modify a bit to do what I want. The base system I found on the Vault is ScrewTape's DMG XP system.


ScrewTape's system handled the bypassing of the Bioware engine and assignment of xp via the OnDeath script.

  • Added a custom 2da implementation where I duplicated the table from the 3.0 DMG to replace the large switch statement in ScrewTape's script.
  • Extended the 2da out to CR100.
  • Wrapped functions for giving xp so that I can store xp on the player as a variable.
  • Created tool to check total xp.
  • Created tool for logging off so that stored xp is kept either on an item or in the Bio DB.
  • Created function to "take" xp from a creature, along with other supporting functions for DB access and other utility needs.

Encounter System[]

  • An NWN implementation of the encounter system(s) found in the DMG/Forgotten Realms DM screen, using 2da tables. It will allow for use of either the standard DMG tables, the tables found in booklet that came with the FR DM screen, or custom created tables.


  • Base scripts for generating encounters for the dungeon tables, both on rest and wandering.
  • Monster appearance randomization (mixing models)
  • First 8 DMG dungeon tables.


  • Getting necessary creatures/models.
  • Handling NPC and "Friend" entries

Character Creator/Leveler[]

  • A open-source Java implementation of a character creator for NWN. Similar to the one originally written by CODI and expanded upon by the PRC, the one I am attempting to create is intended to do the following:
    1. Work as a client/server program to allow for creation/deletion on server vaults.
    2. Create characters
    3. Externally allow characters to be leveled outside of the NWN game engine.
      • The idea for this is to be able to make additions to 2das to allow for other classes to be created properly. This includes new base-class spellcasters, proper treatment of the "+1 to existing spellcasting class" PrCs, and handling the addition of new skills, all without the use of an external database and Letoscript. It will also allow handling of deity/domain selection, proper multiclassing of Paladins and Monks, "fallen" Paladins, and changing domains for clerics if they change deities.
      • This will force use of a script to prevent leveling inside the module.
      • An expansion on this idea will also allow the use of trainers, and providing more control over which classes a player can select, perhaps making prestige classes only available after completing certain quests.
  • For PW/server hosted characters, it will get the list of tlk/haks necessary from the server. It hopefully will be able to perform file checking as did Revinor's Hak Updater program to verify the haks on the player's computer are the same as the ones on the server (perhaps allowing updates. I think I still have the source code for it).
  • Ability score generation to allow for different methods (point-buy, different die-rolling methods).
  • Settings for ability score generation, training, allowable class selection, hp gained on level, etc. to be done through 2da file(s) settings, so PW and single player module builders will be able to control this via hak, although there will be no stopping players from editing the 2da files for a single player module.
  • It is not intended for this program to be a general editor like Leto.