I guess I should put something here, a short blurb until I feel more inspired.

My current projects include the Great Renaming (lowercasing article names unless they are proper nouns and similarly lowercasing the text of articles), the bestiary (articles for all the standard creatures), documenting NWScript, documenting the .2das (I have the data converted to wikitext; just need to document the columns), cleaning up the script directory, and (still) looking through the skills, checking for accuracy and completeness.

Over in BioLand (a.k.a. the BioWare website) I have an underscore in my name: The_Krit. I do not have an account at the new social site.

Stuff to be done[edit | edit source]

I do not know if there is anyone out there who would like to contribute something, but think that they have nothing worth contributing. In case there is, I thought I would add a short list here of images that we could use.

  • In-game screens. I know there are some additional screen shots that would be useful in some articles, but unfortunately, I cannot think of them at the moment. (Take a look at options menu for an example of what has been done, if you want.) If you notice an article that could use a screen shot, make a screen shot for it. If you don't know what to call your image, or don't know how/where to place it within an article, just ask on my talk page. (Be careful how you phrase the question, though, particularly for the latter. Unless you ask specifically for instructions, I might place the image myself instead of explaining how to do so.)

Should be not too hard to get screenshots of these (use the print-screen button to copy the screen). If the .png format is a problem, .gif would work as well. A .jpg could work, but that format is more for images with millions of colors.

  • The huge-sized portrait images used in the portrait article probably should be replaced by the large-size versions for consistency across the wiki, and that should have the unused strip at the bottom cropped off. It takes a bit more work to extract portraits from the core game resources (NWN Explorer or Reborn is useful for this) than to take a screen shot, but again, not too difficult for someone willing to poke around. (For these, upload the new version under the existing image name. Do not worry if you do not see the changes right away – it can take days or more for changed images to make their way through Wikia's servers.)

I could do these myself, but I keep forgetting until I get caught up in other stuff. And maybe someone is looking for something "easy" to do. Those needing software to crop or otherwise manipulate images might want to look at GIMP.

If someone does upload one of these wanted images, I should notice it, so you do not have to worry about anything else. In particular, please do not update this page (my user page) to indicate what you have done; I will take care of that as needed. On the other hand, if you want to update the articles that will be using these images and believe you know what should be done, go ahead and update those (but do not feel obligated to, as getting the images uploaded is the current bottleneck).

Notes to self[edit | edit source]

Some Unicode notes[edit | edit source]

When NWNWiki moved to Wikia, there were some characters that got mangled. Most of these have been fixed, but every so often I find another one. The following are the conversions I have deduced so far. I believe they are accurate but am not positive about the dashes.

− came from − (which produces −) and should be - or −
‒ came from − (which produces −) and should be - or −
      (Obviously, one of the above is not quite right.)
– came from (and should be) – (which produces –) (This one was used as a minus sign in one article.)
— came from (and should be) — (which produces —)
― came from (and should be?) ― (which produces ―)

… came from (and should be) … (which produces …)

“ came from “ (which produces “) and should be "
” came from ” (which produces ”) and should be "
‘ came from ‘ (which produces ‘) and should be '
’ came from ’ (which produces ’) and should be '
´ came from ´ (which produces ´) and should be `

× came from × (which produces ×) and should be x or ×

â came from (and should be) â (or perhaps â)
é came from (and should be) é (or perhaps é)
ó came from (and should be) ó (or perhaps ó)
ô came from (and should be) ô (or perhaps ô)
ö came from (and should be) ö (or perhaps ö)
û came from (and should be) û (or perhaps û)
ü came from (and should be) ü (or perhaps ü)

½ came from (and should be) ½ (or perhaps ½)
Å‚ came from (and should be) ł (or perhaps ł)

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