Uthgardt Barbarians is a book item that can be found in the official campaigns and possibly in other modules.

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The Uthgardt are a race of black-haired and blue-eyed humans who are descendents of the Northmen, Netherese, and a few savage tribes.

The Uthgardt are presently divided into scattered tribes, each named after the beast totems which Uthgar conquered — Black Lion, Thunderbeast, Red Tiger, Blue Bear, Great Worm, Sky Pony, Tree Ghost, Black Raven, Griffon, and Gray Wolf. Although civilization has come north in waves throughout history, much of Uthgardt land is wild and untamed. Their lands extend north into the mountains of the Spine of the World, south to Stone Bridge, east to Cold Wood, and west to Neverwinter Wood.

Although some tribes have embraced agriculture and fixed habitations, the Uthgardt have few stable villages. Most tribes wander the wilderness in small clans or family groups and live within a few weeks' travel of their ancestor's mounds. Tradition is the centerpiece of Uthgardt life, and this blind devotion to their heritage keeps them savage and primitive. Strength is everything to the Uthgardt, and civilization is a weakness that cannot be tolerated. Among the Uthgardt, men are warriors and hunters — women tend to gathering and family needs. They have no written language and no art beyond geometric carvings and clothing decoration. Their religion and philosophy focus on war, plunder, and survival. Their superstitious nature extends to a deep distrust of magic — particularly arcane magic.

The Uthgardt have little to do with city folk, other than as prey, though some tribes have made "civilized" alliances. Both lone travelers and large caravans are considered ripe fruit for plunder. Though they attack civilized folk and frequently fight amongst themselves, they're quick to unite — even with non-Uthgardt — against their ancestral enemy: the orcs.