Valen Shadowbreath

Featured in: Hordes of the Underdark

Race: tiefling (human with demonic ancestors)

Class: fighter, weapon master (heavy flail)

Alignment: chaotic good

Description: This tiefling weapon master is first encountered in the rebel drow encampment of Lith My'athar. Initially distrustful of the stranger appearing out of nowhere, Valen nevertheless makes his services available to the player character (PC).

Background: Growing up in Sigil, Valen found himself on the streets at a young age after his mother was killed by the demoness she worked for. After that, Valen survived by picking pockets and avoiding the Blood Wars. Eventually, though, Valen was picked up by a demon named Grimash't and made to fight in the Blood Wars as a slave. Fighting in the Blood Wars stirred Valen's demonic blood and began to swallow his humanity. Valen and Grimash't were called to Toril by a drow priestess and forced to do battle. During this battle Valen came face-to-face with the Seer, and "she looked into my soul" as Valen put it. The priestess that called them to Toril was killed, and they were sent back to the Abyss, but Valen found himself changed by his brief encounter with the Seer. What she had done to him made him look at himself, and he didn't like what he saw. Grimash't sensed this and tortured him, trying to get him to revert into what he once was. During this time the woman Valen loved, who was one of Grimash't's slaves, was brought before him, and Grimash't killed her while Valen could do nothing. Not long after this, the tower where Grimash't kept his treasures (including Valen) was attacked by another group of demons. They tore the tower apart, freeing Valen from his cage and allowing him to escape. Grimash't was not about to let one of his treasures go, so he pursued Valen and met his death at Valen's hands. Valen then spent months trying to find the Seer. When he eventually did, she showed him that he did not have to let his demon blood rule over him, and because of this Valen swore to protect the Seer at all costs.

Romance: Female PCs can pursue a relationship with Valen if they flirt with him and get him to talk about his past. If the romance is fulfilled successfully, Valen will admit his love to the PC, and he will remain loyal when tempted with the chance to be released from his demonic taint. In addition, he will be the PC's one true love, as revealed by the Knower of Names (unless the PC was already made the one true love of the Sleeping Man earlier in the conversation).


  • Valen's true name is Oeskathine the Demonwrestler.
  • In Baldur's Gate II, Valen is the name of a female vampire.

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