A weapon is any item that causes physical damage to opponents when wielded by a creature. These range from melee and ranged weapons to projectiles such as acid flasks.

Weapon proficiencies[]

There are several different weapon types, and to use a certain type, the character must be proficient in it. The three weapon types are

Some races and classes have their own weapon proficiencies, which include a different selection of weapons than the regular weapon proficiencies, and which are neither mutually exclusive nor exhaustive. These are

Weapon size categories[]

There are various weapon sizes, namely

  • tiny,
  • small,
  • medium, and
  • large.

A character can wield weapons of the same size category as his race or smaller in one hand, wield weapons that are one size category larger in two hands, and cannot wield any weapon that is two or more size categories larger. (The human, elf, half-elf, dwarf, and half-orc races are medium-sized, while halflings and gnomes are small.)

Weapon size also influences dual-wielding penalties.

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