Weapon finesse

Type of feat: general (available every three level-ups)
Prerequisite: base attack bonus +1

Specifics: A character with this feat is adept at using light weapons subtly and effectively, allowing him to make melee attack rolls with his dexterity modifier instead of strength (if his dexterity is higher than his strength).

Use: Automatic when using any of the following weapons: dagger, handaxe, kama, kukri, light hammer, mace, rapier, shortsword, sickle, whip, and unarmed strike.

Finessable Weapons Summary
Weapon Size Type HP Type Threat Multiplier
Dagger tiny (All) 1d4 piercing 19-20 x2
Handaxe small martial,
1d6 slashing 20 x3
Kama small exotic,
1d6 slashing 20 x2
Kukri tiny exotic 1d4 slashing 18-20 x2
Light hammer small martial 1d4 bludgeoning 20 x2
Mace small rogue,
1d6 bludgeoning 20 x2
Rapier medium elf,
1d6 piercing 18-20 x2
Shortsword small martial,
1d6 piercing 19-20 x2
Sickle small simple,


1d6 slashing 20 x2
Unarmed strike n/a n/a 1d2
bludgeoning 20 x2
Whip small exotic 1d2 slashing 20 x2


  • The finessable weapon list includes all standard small and tiny melee weapons, plus the rapier (which is medium).
  • Two-handed weapons cannot be finessed. Thus, small races (e.g. gnomes and halflings) cannot finesse rapiers.
  • Creature weapons can be finessed. (They are not listed in the feat's description possibly because player characters do not normally have access to creature weapons.)
  • Even though the feat description says "light weapons", this should not be confused with light weapons in the context of dual-wielding. The finessable weapons are exactly the ones listed above, regardless of the size of the weapon and the size of the wielder (with the noted exception that two-handed weapons cannot be finessed).
  • The maximum dexterity bonus does not apply in the context of this feat; wearing armor does not affect attacks made using weapon finesse.
  • Weapon finesse affects only attack rolls. Damage rolls always use the strength modifier (unless no ability modifier is used at all, as in the case of some ranged weapons).

Previous versions[]

  • Prior to version 1.69, only small and medium creatures could benefit from this feat while using creature weapons.
  • Prior to version 1.67, creature weapons did not benefit from this feat.

Builder notes[]

Item feat: yes

Custom content notes[]

Removable: yes

Reusable: yes

Script: hardcoded