Weapon size relates to the size of the weapon in comparison to that of the creature wielding it. This determines which weapons can be wielded, as well as how they are wielded by a particular creature. In addition, the relative sizes of weapons are a factor during disarm attempts.

A creature can wield any weapon up to one size larger than their own size and down to two sizes smaller than their own size. Other weapons cannot be wielded. (For playable races, this only excludes large weapons from gnomes and halflings.)

  • A melee weapon at least one size smaller than the wielder is considered a light weapon.
  • A melee weapon one size larger than the wielder is a two-handed weapon.

Example: A medium-sized human may wield a medium-sized longsword in one hand or a large-sized greatsword two-handed. However, a small-sized halfling may not wield a greatsword and may only wield a longsword two-handed.

Weapons by size and proficiency
  Simple Martial Exotic
dagger  (piercing)
dart (piercing, ranged)
kukri (slashing)
shuriken  (piercing, ranged)
light crossbow  (piercing, ranged)
lance  (piercing)
mace (bludgeoning)
sickle (slashing)
sling (bludgeoning, ranged)
handaxe (slashing)
light hammer  (bludgeoning)
shortsword (piercing)
throwing axe  (slashing, ranged)
kama  (slashing)
whip (slashing)
club (bludgeoning)
heavy crossbow  (piercing, ranged)
magic staff (bludgeoning)
morningstar (bludgeoning-piercing)
battleaxe (slashing)
light flail (bludgeoning)
longsword (slashing)
rapier (piercing)
scimitar (slashing)
shortbow (piercing, ranged)
warhammer  (bludgeoning)
bastard sword (slashing)
dwarven waraxe (slashing)
katana (slashing)
quarterstaff  (bludgeoning)
spear (piercing)
greataxe (slashing)
greatsword  (slashing)
halberd (piercing-slashing)
heavy flail (bludgeoning)
longbow (piercing, ranged)
trident (piercing)
dire mace (bludgeoning, 2-sided)
double axe (slashing, 2-sided)
scythe (piercing-slashing)
two-bladed sword  (slashing, 2-sided)

*=exclusive to Hordes of the Underdark.

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