White slaad portrait

A death slaad that survives for more than a century retreats into isolation for an entire year, metamorphosing into the dread white slaad.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Race: outsider
Alignment: chaotic neutral
Armor class: 40
Hit points: 440
Attack bonus: +34/+29/+24/+19
Damage: 5d6+13 / 5d6+13 / 2d10+13 (claw/claw/bite creature weapons)

Hit dice (level): 24
Challenge rating: 25

  fortitude 27
reflex 22
will 22

Size: large

  strength 36
dexterity 26
constitution 37
intelligence 26
wisdom 27
charisma 27
Damage resistance
  acid 20/-
  cold 20/-
  electrical 20/-
  fire 20/-
  sonic 20/-
Damage reduction: 35/+5
Regeneration: +5

Trained skills:(‡) hide (39), listen (43), move silently (43), search (43), spot (43)
Feats: darkvision, dodge, improved initiative, power attack, weapon proficiency (creature)

Blueprint:(‡) x2_slaadwhite001

Special abilities[edit | edit source]

A white slaad's bite inflicts chaos mist on-hit. In addition, this creature has a number of spell-like abilities with a caster level of 15. The ability usable thrice per day is finger of death. The abilities usable twice per day are circle of death, darkness, dispel magic, fear, fireball, greater dispelling, hammer of the gods, improved invisibility, power word, kill, power word, stun, and see invisibility. The ability usable once per day is implosion. Furthermore, this slaad can use its chaos spittle ability nine times per day and summon slaad once per day.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike non-epic slaadi, a white slaad does not drop its tongue as an item upon death.

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