Wild shape

Type of feat: class (given based on class levels)
Prerequisite: druid 5
Required for: shifter

Specifics: The character with this ability can take the shape of an animal at will. It may be used once per day at fifth level, twice per day at sixth level, three times per day at seventh level, four times per day at tenth level, five times per day at fourteenth level, and six times per day at eighteenth level. The transformation has a duration of 1 hour per class level.

Use: selected. After choosing the ability, the character must choose an animal form to take.


  • One cannot choose an arbitrary animal; the choices are badger, brown bear, boar, panther or wolf.
  • At druid level 22, infinite wildshape allows an unlimited number of uses of the wild shape ability.
  • This form of shapeshifting cannot be dispelled.
  • Only magical properties of armor, helmet and shield merge into wild shape.
  • The following table denotes the new strength, dexterity, constitution, temporary hit points gained, size, inherent dodge bonus, and the new total armor class (AC; includes the size modifier). All forms inflict d4 damage with their creature weapons. Properties on merged items may modify these stats, with the provision that merged bonuses to AC are converted to deflection bonuses, so only the highest such bonus will apply.
Shape Str Dex Con Temp HP Size Dodge AC Total AC
badger form 8 17 15 +10 tiny +5 20
brown bear form 27 13 19 +10 large +2 12
boar form 15 10 17 +10 medium +5 15
panther form 16 15 19 +10 medium +4 16
wolf form 13 15 15 +10 medium +4 16
  • At druid level 12, improved versions of these shapes are acquired. (This is not a new feat, but simply a change in what using this feat produces.) The visual appearance of all the forms except the panther become "dire" versions, creature weapon damage is increased to d8, and the statistics are upgraded to the following.
Shape Str Dex Con Temp HP Size Dodge AC Total AC
dire badger form 14 17 19 +20 small +10 24
dire brown bear form 31 13 19 +40 large +5 15
dire boar form 27 10 17 +20 medium +10 20
dire panther form 25 15 17 +30 medium +8 20
dire wolf form 25 15 17 +30 large +8 19

Custom content notes[]

  • script: NW_S2_WildShape