World Serpent Inn is a role play/action persistent world set across several campaigns, using the Forgotten Realms primarily. The planar enigma of the World Serpent Inn is an ever-changing festhall and flophouse unfettered by reality.

The World Serpent Inn is both a place and a nonplace, existing in multiple planes simultaneously and nowhere at all. A famous tavern apparently from the Prime, the World Serpent Inn is a curious planar pathway indeed, as it shifts location from Prime to Outer Planes, and even Inner Planes seemingly at will. Almost all the inhabitants of the Inn are travelers, either by design or by chance. Many have simply stopped here during journeys to other places, while others came to the Inn accidentally, then realized they could not get home.

Opening a door in the Serpent takes you into a dark labyrinth-like passage. Along its walls are many doors of all types; doors made completely of links of metal, doors frosted over with ice or covered in a layer of shadow, doors glowing with ever changing glyphs, and more. Those who look about keenly may notice that some doors appear or disappear or seem to change position along the walls in an endless, silent shuffle.

Nobody knows who built the place, nor why it seems unaffected by the rules of normal time and space, but shift it does, and many travelers are thankful for that.

Features Edit

Setting & systems:

  • Players can purchase deeds to own property.
  • Custom summons
  • Players may take on a patron deity and receive built in advantages through prayer
  • A variety of coded subraces, less popular races may be roleplayed with request.

Special rules:

  • Leveling is moderately quick.
  • Death has a reasonable cost. (100 xp/level + 10% of gold. Gold loss capped at 20,000. XP loss cannot cause level loss.)
Connection information
Direct connect: dynamic; use GameSpy listing
Server name: 0 'CEPv2.3 Forgotten Realms'
Module name: World Serpent Inn
Password required: no
Required hakpaks: CEP 2.3
Player information
GameSpy category: Role Play
Primary game type(s): story/roleplaying/adventure
Treasure/magic level: medium-high
Levels played: 1-30
Maximum players: 30
Vault type: server vault
Enforce legal characters: yes
Item level restrictions: no
Player vs. player:
Server information
Server admin/owner: "The Owner"
DM timezone(s):
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