Ief wounding

Wounding causes a target to lose a specified number of hit points per round until the target is healed or killed or the inflicter is killed; wounding is the opposite of regeneration. This effect is only available as the result of an on-hit property on a weapon. If it is an on monster hit property the wounding amount can be specified up to 5 damage per round and cannot be resisted; otherwise it will deal only one damage per round, which can be resisted when the effect is to be applied by a (single) fortitude saving throw. Wounding effects are applied whenever the weapon deals physical damage.

The damage from wounding is physical and will be absorbed by any form of physical damage resistance or damage reduction, but it bypasses all types of damage immunity.

Like regeneration, multiple wounding effects can be active simultaneously, with the damage from each wounding effect applied separately and on its own timer.

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